Heart is Home EP

by Freaky Pup

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released April 11, 2014




Freaky Pup Olympia, Washington

Freaky Pup is a solo project in which Jasmine “Jammys” Chang practices self care and explores vulnerability through experimental synth pop. Utilizing layered vocals, synth melodies and industrial beats, the result is sometimes dreamy and sometimes dark. ... more

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Track Name: Grow Up
i am scrounging around for an identity,
something that will feel true to me
and you are not helpful with your unasked for scorn,
makes me wish that i'd never been born
(or at least i was a little cooler)

maybe some day you'll grow up
and stop putting people down
it's not like you've got it all figured out
you've got no right to add to my self doubt

you may think you're so past where i am,
that you once stood where i stand
but you do not know what it's like to be
experiencing these things as me
and i do not need your condescending bad advice,
(to think you really think you're being nice)

you had better watch out
cause before you know it i'm gonna grow tall
and after i undergo this metamorphis,
i'm gonna make you feel real small
Track Name: Things I Should Know
it's okay to be uncertain, it's okay to fuck up
you cannot solve everything, and that's okay too

things i should know, should know by now,
learned many times, should know by now

sleep is so, so important, try not to neglect your health.
you are so important, save some kindness for yourself.

sleep is so, so important, try not to neglect your health.
you are so important, reserve the right to have bad days.

and it's okay to take up space, it's important to create,
people aren't gonna change, until they're ready.
Track Name: Melancholy Alien
i brought on the apocalypse
i ended the world with a single kiss
and we watched it come tumbling down
and we laughed as it all burnt to the ground
and we watched it come tumbling down
you were the best catch i ever found

i desecrated everything i ever knew
i destroyed it all so that i could hold you
the weathered walls burst into flames
we knew our passions could never be tamed
our heartbeats resonated the same
that's no reason to be ashamed

can you feel that wind blow from a thousand miles away?
can you see me explode from a thousand miles away?
Track Name: Baby Teeth
pull bloody teeth from a swollen mouth
run with restless limbs from your haunted house
a burning bridge can warm chilled bones
cast your ghosts away and build a new home

new teeth will grow here
stronger than before
under your pillow you'll find something more

today this place is a heart and head ache
too-tight skin, if i wear it longer it will break
searching for a home in time spent alone
there's a swelling inside me, i need room to grow

pack up your suitcase
and then disappear
you will find a new place
they won't miss you here
Track Name: Sea Sickness
do you wanna live by the ocean,
or are you afraid of the storm?
waves wash you away in the nighttime,
in the morning wake up on a different shore.

are you afraid to swim the sea,
are you afraid to dive too deep?
and to never return to the surface?

could you ever understand
why i can't live surrounded by land?
if salt's in your blood, then take my hand
and our skeletons will dissolve to sand.