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Split tape featuring Bamban and Freaky Pup available soon through Reflective Tapes!


released May 17, 2016

winter's coming and equinox were self-recorded
all other tracks recorded by Mike Ditrio




Freaky Pup Olympia, Washington

Freaky Pup is a solo project in which Jasmine “Jammys” Chang practices self care and explores vulnerability through experimental synth pop. Utilizing layered vocals, synth melodies and industrial beats, the result is sometimes dreamy and sometimes dark. ... more

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Track Name: equinox
i am a tree falling
i am rotting wood
do u hear my bark splitting
do u hear me fall to the earth

could i ever learn 2 trust them
will i always tremble when i speak
will i always feel this fragile
better stay the fuck away from me

it hasn't rained for a hundred years
and i'm still rooted here

it's time 2 grow
it's time 2 fall
the season is changing
Track Name: home in leaves /// leaving home
who have i become
where do my bones come from
history washed down the drain

will i find u in my dreams
where do my blood lines lead
veins r branches of a tree

i have lost my tongue
and i do not belong

out of place everywhere
no matter where

i have forgotten my way home

my feet will never touch the ground
that u walked on
my feet will never touch the ground
Track Name: built from ash
how do u forgive without giving up?
how do u mend a broken thing?

the hurt i felt was real
the anger i felt was real

i cannot diminish that
(how do we heal?)

i forgot how 2 conjure empathy
once the sparks spread i made u my enemy

cause i know how 2 start a fire
and i know how 2 build myself from ash

this is how i survive
(how do we heal)

i hope that ur a better person
i know that i'm a better person
Track Name: winter's coming
i forgot how 2 be close with another person
+ i forgot how 2 be alone and feel okay

i need u to write me back
i need u to follow thru
i need to know that i can
be able to count on u

autumn's ending + my shell can't keep out the cold
winter's coming + my heart can't keep out the ghosts

i need u to write me back
i need u to follow thru
i need to know that i can
be able to count on u